“If you are too busy to read, you are too busy.” – Richard Foster


Back to school time happens to be a very busy time. There are different sizes and styles of school shoes to buy, and the right color and thickness of highlighters, paper, folders, and binders. The school supply list lengthens every year, as well as the open house times and form filling-out, physicals paperwork, lunch money forms … back-to-school is a busy time.

This year, it’s a bit busier at my house — I’m working full-time for the first time in many years, and time is at an extreme shortage. I love the Richard Foster quote, above. I haven’t had too much time to read (for those of you who know me well, this is tough for me), but I’m okay with it. The most important thing is that I’m keeping my eye on the goal and watching for ways to slow life and our schedules down. It’s coming, but I realize I rely on 5 key things to survive busy times.

5 Ways to Survive Busy Times

1) Making time to be with the people you love.

This is the most essential thing, I think, to surviving a busy spell. Being with the people we love reminds us that life still moves on, and that our people care about us, and we care about them.

Miniature golf

A round of mini golf with my peeps

2) Guarding time to exercise and stay active.

Exercise is the first thing that could disappear in busy spells in my life, but it’s the most important for maintaining my personal balance. Staying active improves everything.

3) Eating healthy and well.

Food is medicine, and we are what we eat. What we eat dictates how we feel. Luckily, raspberries and blueberries are in season, and they are my current indulgence.

4) Sleeping enough.

My youngest son will become a teen next month, which means I almost have 3 teenagers in the house. They define the word Nocturnal. School schedules and 6:30 am bus times should help soon, but I’ve been working hard to get enough sleep each night. It helps tremendously through the busyness.

5) Keeping sights on the long-term goal.

Sometimes when we have our eyes and nose to the ground, plowing through a busy spell, we forget the things which matter most, and the aspects of life which are most important. I try to make time to write, to journal, to listen, to remember the bigger picture.

Tirol, Austria, the Alps

These are the five things which keep me whole in a spell of near-constant busyness. I’d love to hear what works for you … please share in the comments. Thank you!

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